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Elkabets M, Pazarentzos E, Juric D, Sheng Q, Pelossof RA, Brook S, Benzaken AO, Rodon J, Morse N, Yan JJ, Liu M, Das R, Chen Y, Tam A, Wang H, Liang J, Gurski JM, Kerr DA, Rosell R, Teixidó C, Huang A, Ghossein RA, Rosen N, Bivona TG, Scaltriti M, Baselga J. 

AXL Mediates Resistance to PI3Kα Inhibition by Activating the EGFR/PKC/mTOR Axis in Head and Neck and Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinomas.

Cancer cell, Apr-13-2015;27(4):533-46.

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Blakely CM, Pazarentzos E, Olivas V, Asthana S, Yan JJ, Tan I, Hrustanovic G, Chan E, Lin L, Neel DS, Newton W, Bobb KL, Fouts TR, Meshulam J, Gubens MA, Jablons DM, Johnson JR, Bandyopadhyay S, Krogan NJ, Bivona TG

NF-κB-Activating Complex Engaged in Response to EGFR Oncogene Inhibition Drives Tumor Cell Survival and Residual Disease in Lung Cancer.

Cell reports, Apr-7-2015;11(1):98-110.  Epub 2015 Apr 2.

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Lin L, Sabnis AJ, Chan E, Olivas V, Cade L, Pazarentzos E, Asthana S, Neel D, Yan JJ, Lu X, Pham L, Wang MM, Karachaliou N, Cao MG, Manzano JL, Ramirez JL, Torres JM, Buttitta F, Rudin CM, Collisson EA, Algazi A, Robinson E, Osman I, Muñoz-Couselo E, Cortes J, Frederick DT, Cooper ZA, McMahon M, Marchetti A, Rosell R, Flaherty KT, Wargo JA, Bivona TG

The Hippo effector YAP promotes resistance to RAF- and MEK-targeted cancer therapies.

Nature genetics, Mar-2015;47(3):250-6.  Epub 2015 Feb 09.

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Pazarentzos E, Bivona TG

Adaptive stress signaling in targeted cancer therapy resistance.

Oncogene, Feb-23-2015;[Epub ahead of print].

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Choi YJ, Kim SY, So KS, Baek IJ, Kim WS, Choi SH, Lee JC, Bivona TG, Rho JK, Choi CM

AUY922 effectively overcomes MET- and AXL-mediated resistance to EGFR-TKI in lung cancer cells.

PloS one, 2015;[epublish]10(3):e0119832.

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Zhang Z, Lee JC, Lin L, Olivas V, Au V, LaFramboise T, Abdel-Rahman M, Wang X, Levine AD, Rho JK, Choi YJ, Choi CM, Kim SW, Jang SJ, Park YS, Kim WS, Lee DH, Lee JS, Miller VA, Arcila M, Ladanyi M, Moonsamy P, Sawyers C, Boggon TJ, Ma PC, Costa C, Taron M, Rosell R, Halmos B, Bivona TG

Activation of the AXL kinase causes resistance to EGFR-targeted therapy in lung cancer.

Nature genetics, Aug-2012;[epublish]44(8):852-60.

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Morris LG, Taylor BS, Bivona TG, Gong Y, Eng S, Brennan CW, Kaufman A, Kastenhuber ER, Banuchi VE, Singh B, Heguy A, Viale A, Mellinghoff IK, Huse J, Ganly I, Chan TA

Genomic dissection of the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR)/PI3K pathway reveals frequent deletion of the EGFR phosphatase PTPRS in head and neck cancers.

Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Nov-22-2011;108(47):19024-9.  Epub 2011 Nov 7.

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Bivona TG, Hieronymus H, Parker J, Chang K, Taron M, Rosell R, Moonsamy P, Dahlman K, Miller VA, Costa C, Hannon G, Sawyers CL

FAS and NF-κB signalling modulate dependence of lung cancers on mutant EGFR.

Nature, Mar-24-2011;471(7339):523-6.

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Rosell R, Molina MA, Costa C, Simonetti S, Gimenez-Capitan A, Bertran-Alamillo J, Mayo C, Moran T, Mendez P, Cardenal F, Isla D, Provencio M, Cobo M, Insa A, Garcia-Campelo R, Reguart N, Majem M, Viteri S, Carcereny E, Porta R, Massuti B, Queralt C, de Aguirre I, Sanchez JM, Sanchez-Ronco M, Mate JL, Ariza A, Benlloch S, Sanchez JJ, Bivona TG, Sawyers CL, Taron M

Pretreatment EGFR T790M mutation and BRCA1 mRNA expression in erlotinib-treated advanced non-small-cell lung cancer patients with EGFR mutations.

Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research, Mar-1-2011;17(5):1160-8.  Epub 2011 Feb 22.

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Quatela SE, Sung PJ, Ahearn IM, Bivona TG, Philips MR

Analysis of K-Ras phosphorylation, translocation, and induction of apoptosis.

Methods in enzymology, 2008;439:87-102.

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Bivona TG, Quatela SE, Bodemann BO, Ahearn IM, Soskis MJ, Mor A, Miura J, Wiener HH, Wright L, Saba SG, Yim D, Fein A, Pérez de Castro I, Li C, Thompson CB, Cox AD, Philips MR

PKC regulates a farnesyl-electrostatic switch on K-Ras that promotes its association with Bcl-XL on mitochondria and induces apoptosis.

Molecular cell, Feb-17-2006;21(4):481-93.

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Bivona TG, Quatela S, Philips MR

Analysis of Ras activation in living cells with GFP-RBD.

Methods in enzymology, 2006;407:128-43.

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Bivona TG, Philips MR

Analysis of Ras and Rap activation in living cells using fluorescent Ras binding domains.

Methods (San Diego, Calif.), Oct-2005;37(2):138-45.

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Jordan JD, He JC, Eungdamrong NJ, Gomes I, Ali W, Nguyen T, Bivona TG, Philips MR, Devi LA, Iyengar R

Cannabinoid receptor-induced neurite outgrowth is mediated by Rap1 activation through G(alpha)o/i-triggered proteasomal degradation of Rap1GAPII.

The Journal of biological chemistry, Mar-25-2005;280(12):11413-21.  Epub 2005 Jan 18.

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Walker SA, Kupzig S, Bouyoucef D, Davies LC, Tsuboi T, Bivona TG, Cozier GE, Lockyer PJ, Buckler A, Rutter GA, Allen MJ, Philips MR, Cullen PJ

Identification of a Ras GTPase-activating protein regulated by receptor-mediated Ca2+ oscillations.

The EMBO journal, Apr-21-2004;23(8):1749-60.

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Perez de Castro I, Bivona TG, Philips MR, Pellicer A

Ras activation in Jurkat T cells following low-grade stimulation of the T-cell receptor is specific to N-Ras and occurs only on the Golgi apparatus.

Molecular and cellular biology, Apr-2004;24(8):3485-96.

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